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Quicksilver Issue: Ability to view all annotated URI's

Name: Ability to view all annotated URI's
ID: 3
Project: Quicksilver
Type: Enhancement
Area: Front End
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Erich
Created: 09/15/09 12:36 PM
Updated: 09/15/09 1:03 PM
Description: Can we have the ability to view all the URI's that have been annotated so far in any given application. This would not only check for accidental duplicate URI's, but just provide a list of all available URI's.
History: Created by erich93063 (Erich) : 09/15/09 12:36 PM

Comment by mrmarbles (Brian Carr) : 09/15/09 1:03 PM
Definitely! In fact this feature has been on our roadmap since the beginning. For the 1.0 release developers will have the ability to "ask" the framework to display a view of annotated controller methods, aspects and join-points to name a few.

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