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Quicksilver Issue: halted - scope

Name: halted - scope
ID: 5
Project: Quicksilver
Type: Enhancement
Area: Administration
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: yakoob
Created: 10/10/09 1:06 PM
Updated: 10/25/09 11:10 PM
Description: ability to set the "halted" variable at application.cfc to a specific scope. as well as overwrite the location of its evaluation if needed...


this.quicksilver.halted = results.halted;

* haltedOverride
"placed back at the root for request scope.

History: Created by yakoob (yakoob) : 10/10/09 1:06 PM

Comment by yakoob (yakoob) : 10/10/09 1:08 PM
ps, the evaluation should abort if found at its location specified...

Comment by Micky (Micky Dionisio) : 10/25/09 11:10 PM
This doesn't make sense. Please explain what it is you're trying to accomplish and the expected results.

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