0.5.88 Released!

Below are the release notes for this latest version;

0.5.88 (10/6/2009) - Updated to work with CF 9 full release! (including samples)

- Now allow for custom-defined formats (via extension) and associated content types with new config option this.quicksilver.formats - example usage; this.quicksilver.formats = [{format='.bleh', contentType='text/html'}, {format='.blah', contentType='text/css'}];

- Added new built-in AOP aspect 'authFilter' which parses HTTP Basic authentication credentials when present (for rest web services), when that aspect is applied before a method invocation, two arguments are added to the runtime argument collection named: auth_username and auth_password which can be referenced / used in any subsequent method invocation.

- Fixed but where incorrect behavior was occurring when both webroot and application root were the same directory.

- Fixed a bug that was causing an error when returning JSON with no @returnTypeName annotation.

- Fixed an Application.cfc onMissingMethod issue that was causing incorrect behavior.

0.4.79 Released!

The latest beta release of Quicksilver is now available for download. Release notes are as follows;

- Created a new application configuration called this.quicksilver.viewRoot, can be overriden on the component level at any time.

- Improved performance by defaulting reload to 'false' - it now does not check to see if the framework needs to be reloaded on every request unless the reload key exists (this.quicksilver.reload = true).

- Added default behavior so when a map is not found, it will default to 'looking' for an associated .cfm view within the globalviewroot if no globalviewroot has been specified, then it will look for a view in the web root. There is no more need for component controller methods that do nothing more than render a view.

- Fixed an issue where the main method interceptor was only returning the AOP arguments structure and not the actual method return type.

- Fixed an issue with @returnTypeName annotated method where the value for that annotation was not being used properly to store the return results of its assocaited method in the framework argument collection.

- Streamlined naming convention of AOP decorated methods on a target object.

- Fixed an issue affecting AOP methods when in the case those methods would return structure data types, those structures were not being appended to the framework argument collection.

- Added cfide, cfdocs and web-inf to the list of default ignored packages.

- Updated sample apps.

- Removed some unused / unecessary files.

Breakfix 0.3.70 Released

It was brought to our attention earlier this morning that there was an issue with the URL mapping mechanism in the latest build and release of Quicksilver - version 0.3.68. This has been resolved in 0.3.70 which is now available for download.

0.3.68 Released!

Our third minor release has just been finalized and made available to download on the Riaforge site. Below are the release notes for this version;

- Added improved url-pattern matching features that allow developers to configure url patterns with variables that precede the target template. E.g. /{subject}/{article}/{cfm} will match /sports/injuries_on_the_rise/index.cfm - Fixed a bug with pre-aspect processing that was not properly terminating the chain of execution when encountering a 'halted' condition. - Fixed an issue that was not properly defaulting turnTypeName and halted variables in the decorated methods attached to an object via the RuntimeObjectDecorator. - Updated samples with the tag-based hello world demo.

Alpha Released!

Welcome developers! The Quicksilver team is happy to announce our alpha release.

Of course, this happened in the early hours of Friday 8/14 - but I'm just now getting around to the official announcement.

We've just uploaded a newer version of the alpha release which contains a couple of small bug fixes - big thanks to some early input, and a revised set of sample applications. Also, check out the screenshots as well.

Please provide us your feedback! It's valuable to us as we want to ensure that the framework is directly meeting the application development needs of the ColdFusion community. Don't be shy - tell us about any bugs or issues by posting to the bug tracker directly on Riaforge.

Next step of course, is the beta release - on which we are actively working and will keep the community posted as to our progress.

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