Creating Powerful SES / ReSTful URL's


Each of the URL's listed above are fully dynamic and can be easily configured to be supported by Quicksilver. There's a lot of value in the ability to configure a URL for an application that naturally expresses a logical location for a resource AND be highly dynamic without the excessive use of query-string variables. If you think your application can benefit from this capability, please read on.

Quicksilver implements a flexible and easy to use method of mapping SES (search-engine-safe) / ReST web service friendly URL's to your controller methods. In this tutorial, we're going to detail how to effectively leverage this feature to enhance your web application.

This feature is made possible by the following annotations;


These are method-level annotations, meaning that they are only relevant when attached to a specific method on a specific component, for example;

* @url /hello/{text}
* @httpMethod GET
public String function sayHello(required String text) {
var string = "Hello " & arguments.text;
return local.string;

The value succeeding the @url annotation is a URL matching "pattern" which can be comprised of several distinct elements. It's purpose is to describe a possible URL that will be matched to and invoke the associated method. For those of you who have had experience with PowerNap (one of my projects that facilitates the deployment of restful web services) the syntax of the url pattern should look familiar. The elements that can make up a url matching pattern are as follows;

String Literal: /hello/world
URL Variable: /{myVariable}
Reserved Keyword: {html} or {cfm}
Extension: .xml, .json, .html (or many, many others)

Here's the run down on each element and the role that each plays within the pattern you create. Before we go into detail though, it's important to understand that the URL matching patterns that you create can be comprised of any combination of the above elements allowing you to create URL's that fit the requirements of your application. Now on to the explanation.

String Literals
Specifying a string literal as a part of your URL matching pattern means that the URL must contain that exact text, in that exact location. For instance;

Means that your url (placed after your application root AND after your url template - index.cfm for example) would have to look exactly like this in order to match and invoke the associated method;
It doesn't get any more straight forward than that. Of course, if we were only to allow the configuration of these literal strings in the URL, your application would have a very difficult time being dynamic - as it's very likely to require. This is where the rest of the elements come into play nicely.

URL Variables
URL Variables allow you to construct URL's that can "vary" and yet still be matched to and invoke a specific method. This is particularly useful in the cases of strictly ReSTful URL's, where requesting information on a specific resource may need to include an object ID in the URL to make it specific such as: /user/1 OR /user/2. It simply would not make sense to have to declare the URL's /user/1 and /user/2 in the annotations themselves - as it would ultimately be impossible to account for every permutation or possible combination of both /user/ and id within the annotations themselves. This is precisely why URL variables are so important. Declaring a variable within your matching pattern is easy, simply wrap the variable name around curly-braces like so;

@url /hello/{world}
Although similar in appearance to our first example, the inclusion of the URL variable {world} in this pattern will cause it to behave much differently than an all-literal one. This specific URL pattern you've declared will match the following provided URL's;
You'll notice that this pattern also includes the string literal "/hello/". This means that in order for a match to occur, each URL absolutely must begin with "/hello/", however, because a variable has been declared after the string, any alpha-numeric value combination can exist after "/hello/" and a match will occur. Conversely, if any other value succeeds the URL variable such as;
...Or before "/hello/"
A match will not occur.

There's another important feature URL Variable element, and that is whenever a match occurs on a URL pattern that contains variables - those variables contained in the URL will be injected into the associated method with the same name as it was configured in the annotation. It sounds more complicated than it really is. Let's take our simple /hello/{world} example. We already know that the provided URL /hello/developer will match our pattern (because the string "developer" exists in the position where the variable was declared). QS will now extrapolate the value "developer" and inject it into your associated method under the argument name "world". It's as simple as that.

Reserved Keywords {cfm} and {html}.
URL variables can have ALMOST any name. I say almost because there are only two reserved keywords that you cannot use as URL variable names and they are; {cfm} and {html}.

Before we get deeper into this, we need to diverge from the keyword subject and touch on a very important point. If you crack open the examples provided in the download, you'll notice that when navigating through them, there is a very distinct "index.cfm" file preceding our URL's. However, no such file exists. That's because QS does not need a target .cfm template in order to process it's URL's - a physical file does not need to exist. In fact, you can go ahead and change the name of "index.cfm" in any one of the sample apps and it will still work - change it to "bleh.cfm" or "yournamehere.cfm" - still works as expected. Now change it to something that does not contain the string ".cfm" - boom, you've likely gotten a strange 404 response. You probably already know this, however if you don't then this hopefully will be slightly educational. Under the covers, CF is a JEE (Java Enterprise Edition) application. It runs inside a dedicated servlet container that came as a part of the vanilla install. You can opt to install CF as a .war or .ear inside of your own JEE container - but the effect is the same. You don't need to know all of the implications of CF being a JEE application, that's the beauty of CF - it separates you from those nitty-gritty details. What this does mean though, is that in order for the servlet container to pair an HTTP request with the CF servlet - it requires the ".cfm" text to exist in the URL. Otherwise the container will not know how to service that request. This behavior can be changed as long as you have access to the web.xml file of your CF instance which we will demonstrate momentarily.

Now that you've wrapped your head around this foundational piece of knowledge, we can explain the purpose of our previously stated reserved words.

You see, QS not only allows the configuration of URL patterns that succeed the ".cfm" template, it also allows for a pattern to include both literals and variables that precede the template (e.g., index.cfm), allowing almost full control over how your URL looks and behaves. Another example is in order here;

Are both valid URL's that QS can natively support - all you need to do is provide the correct URL matching patterns respectively;

The {cfm} keyword marks the spot in the URL matching pattern where the target template should exist. This keyword is not needed when configuring a URL pattern that only considers values located after the template - only when you are configuring a URL that assumes values prior to the template itself.

Speaking in terms of SES URL's, the most coveted URL is the one that ends in ".html". The ".html" format is a paramount indicator of static content - which search engines happen to love. QS can support this in place of {cfm} as well, in the form of {html} as you may have guessed, and still behave dynamically, but it's going to require approximately 60 seconds of configuration deep within the bowels of your CF server. If you're just that adventurous, continue with the exercise below.

First, stop your CF server and locate your web.xml file. This is located in the WEB-INF directory in your CF server root. A word of caution - it's imperative that you don't make any additional changes to web.xml other than the ones I'm about to prescribe unless you're already familiar with how to handle this file. You would be wise to make a backup of this file before you alter it. Open the file, we're going to edit. About 3/4's of the way down the file you should notice a handful of declarations that look something like this;

<servlet-mapping id="coldfusion_mapping_3">
<servlet-mapping id="coldfusion_mapping_4">
<servlet-mapping id="coldfusion_mapping_5">

We're about to add our own now in order to support the .html extension for dynamic CF processing. While preserving the mappings that already exist, append the following to the list;

<servlet-mapping id="coldfusion_mapping_custom_1">
<servlet-mapping id="coldfusion_mapping_custom_2">

Save the file. Start-up your CF server again. You can now navigate to any one of the samples and replace the reference to ".cfm" in the URL with ".html" processing should work just as it did before. This is because now requests for .html files are being routed directly into the CF servlet. Now using the {html} reserved keyword in our URL matching patterns within the @url annotation, we can construct a pattern like this;

@url /blog/{year}/{month}/{day}/{html}
..that will allow for and match a url that looks like this;
And of course, invoke it's associated mapped controller method with a year, month, day and html argument.

This should not be considered the only way to get your application to handle .html files dynamically - there are also many other ways to accomplish this same effect - namely with URL re-writing, but we're not going to get into that in this tutorial.

There also is one caveat to this approach, and that is ALL .html requests will be routed through CF and then subsequently Quicksilver which means that it will be handled as an MVC request - not a simple file request. One possible solution to this is to simply have your actual .html files reside outside of the QS application root.

Extensions and File Formats
The final element of our dynamic URL processing feature isn't a configuration option at all - and that's the optional provision of a file format - more commonly known as an extension; .json, .xml, etc.. You do not need to account for an extension in the URL declaration, this can always be optionally passed in at the end of the URL - /hello/world.json will still match your configured URL @url /hello/{text}. Of course, there are other Quicksilver-specific behaviors that will occur when an extension is passed in - for instance, when a format of .json is request, automatic response serialization will kick in and attempt to automatically return a response - but that's another tutorial entirely.

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