0.3.68 Released!

Our third minor release has just been finalized and made available to download on the Riaforge site. Below are the release notes for this version;

- Added improved url-pattern matching features that allow developers to configure url patterns with variables that precede the target template. E.g. /{subject}/{article}/{cfm} will match /sports/injuries_on_the_rise/index.cfm - Fixed a bug with pre-aspect processing that was not properly terminating the chain of execution when encountering a 'halted' condition. - Fixed an issue that was not properly defaulting turnTypeName and halted variables in the decorated methods attached to an object via the RuntimeObjectDecorator. - Updated samples with the tag-based hello world demo.

Cristine Angley's Gravatar 0.3.68 is the best.

# Posted By Cristine Angley | 8/18/11 11:50 PM
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