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Author: Brian Carr (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: October 6, 2009 4:05 PM
Version: 0.5.88
Views: 65,093
Downloads: 1,453
License: Apache License, Version 2


Quicksilver is a web framework for ColdFusion 9 that as transparently as possible, allows developers to quickly and efficiently create powerful MVC web applications that leverage any of the following features;

Breathe life into your web application using simple comment-based or tag attribute annotations – meta information that does not directly impact the implementation of your code.

Automatic Dependency Injection
Automatic object dependency injection effectively eliminating ceremonious and messy glue-code using only native component property syntax – no extraneous framework-specific configuration required (no xml!). Let Lightwire or ColdSpring manage your singletons and dependencies under the covers – does not require any knowledge of either IoC / DI framework nor any configuration.

Native Object Aspect Oriented Programming
Near instant application of AOP cross-cutting concerns – using only the objects you write, no proxies or other framework-specific classes or dependencies.

Zero Framework Coupling
Write POCO’s (Plain-old ColdFusion objects) that do not extend any base class, don’t implement any interface, don’t need to exist in any pre-determined packaging and don't require any xml configuration allowing your software to be uncluttered and highly-testable.

Rest Web Services Friendly
SES Url’s, url path-info variables, and automatic response serialization allows you to deploy Rest web service endpoints faster than ever.

Below is an example of how quickly and easily you can deploy a controller / rest web services endpoint;

* @url /hello/{text}
* @httpMethod GET
public String function saySomething(required String text) {
return "Hello " & arguments.text;

Actual URL;

Check out the screenshots section for code samples.

More thorough documentation will be available with the beta release.

Co-developed with Micky Dionisio

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Issue Tracker:

5 halted - scope Open 10/25/09 11:10 PM
1 Error when returning JSON with no @returntype name annotation Closed 10/06/09 4:08 PM
2 If webroot and and app root are the same paths, its throws an error Closed 10/06/09 4:07 PM
4 this.getBeanFactory() not in aspect. Open 09/17/09 8:12 PM
3 Ability to view all annotated URI's Open 09/15/09 1:03 PM

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